Tony Perez: WordPress Security – It’s All About The Basics

Tony Perez: WordPress Security – It’s All About The Basics.


Dive In!

“… so sink or swim, I’m divin’ in!”

— Stephen Curtis Chapman

Inaugural Post—The Chorus of Stephen Curtis Chapman’s song “Dive” keeps going through my head like a “broken record”, and it’s very appropriate theme music for my first real venture into the “blog-o-sphere.”

I’ve sat on the fence for many months, wondering if I had anything important to contribute, but the thought of starting this enterprise has become a “fire in the belly”, and now this is something that just HAS to be done.

“Work with a Baby Boomer” —the title needs a little explaining. WordPress documentation encourages a definite focus for blogging, and this blog will primarily be about my experiences with MLM/Internet Marketing, and will—more often than not—highlight tips, tools and techniques related to achieving success in the MLM industry. You’ll find out who my heros are and why I think you should pay attention to them.

For me MLM/Internet Marketing is a vehicle, one of the necessary tools I need to accomplish the goals of this time of my life. And I want to partner with—and learn from—other “boomers” and those of both older and younger generations who are achieving their goals and finding ways to improve the quality of life for themselves, their communities and the world. I’ll be sixty years old this year: I want to use my remaining time on this planet to “plant good seed”, and I plan on being here to bring in a bumper crop!

But MLM is about “life”–isn’t it? It’s the home-based business opportunity that supposed to be a tool for gaining more time, more freedom, and more money to do the things that are really important? Since all these things are connected, that means that this space will necessarily often be about those other parts of life and making some necessary connections.

My Frame of Reference:  I’m a Roman Catholic Charismatic Christian, engaged in full-time ministry, with a background that includes a degree in Music Education and four years of Seminary training. Full-time jobs have given me valuable experience in graphic arts, desktop publishing and call-center experiences. I’ve experienced long-term unemployment (when the “oil boom” went “bust” back in the 80s) and I’ve been a computer help desk technician and a Webmaster. I’m a “news junkie” and spend my TV time bouncing between the History Channels and various Christian television networks, primarily TBN and EWTN. This is my unique life experience that is the framework for my continuing search for meaning and purpose in life. I’m always eager to learn something new, because when you stop learning you stop growing.

Since that’s a primary purpose, let’s learn something new together!


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